Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Wow this week has gone quickly!! I am looking forward to visiting desks from all over the world!
I have started to do some backgrounds for art journaling that I am going to use as samples for when I am demonstrating at Craft Alive that will be in town from the 15-17 March.  My local craft store asked me if I would be interested in demonstrating the wonderful Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Inks....well of course I said 'Yes' before I would allow any doubts to set in lol!  I am looking forward to showing people what they can do with the inks and stencils and even that if you make a doesn't matter because you never make mistakes while you are creating do you? As it gets your creative thinking cap on and then a masterpiece appears from what you thought was a many of us have done that, and ended up loving that piece?!
So I haven't gotten anything finished yet as I have had a sick nearly 12yr old daughter home today, so not much has been done.  But I have a very messy desk to show you, and now that my daughter is set up in my room watching a movie on the TV, I might get one page finished!  Soooo here is my desk...
Whew...only took 22 tries clicking to get this photo uploaded grrrr lol!
I managed to get this one up too, but had a little nap while doing it as my clicking finger could do it in my sleep as it is sooo used to it now!!  Wishing you all a great WOYWW week!  :-)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Having trouble....

I am having trouble wanting to blog every day, but not being able too!!  Life sometimes goes at a faster pace then you want it to, and the days whizz by before you know it!!  I know that I am not working at the moment...but I still don't seem to fit everything in that I want to do in a day....hmmmm could be to that I do also enjoy sitting on my bum in front of the tv, that might be causing some of the trouble hehehe!
I have finished a couple of art journal pages and here is hoping that I can upload them....fingers, legs etc crossed...!!
Yipee I got them up...happy dance again only took me 18 tries! But they say patience is a virtue..... 
Now this silly blogger is out of alignment for typing and I have been playing with the settings and can't seem to get it back the way it was.  Oh dear I am tech callenged lol.. But at least I have gotten the photos up and managed to say something :-).  Wishing you all a fantastic day.  Until the next time, and maybe by then I will have worked some of this blog workings out lol!!                                                                                                                           

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Where do the days go?? WOYWW 194

Wow this week has gone quickly!!  The weather here has been fairly hot and boy do I LOVE my air conditioner hehe!  I went out this morning with some good friends after dropping my youngest daughter at school and had a great hot chocolate (as I don't drink coffee and I make a better cup of tea then the ones bought) at a very classy Cafe'.  Great catch up with the girls.  Then I was only home for a few mins before another friend turned up to go out to lunch. I was taking my friend out for lunch as it was a belated birthday get together for him.
I had my beautiful grandaughter Andie (3yrs) come around for a couple of hours on Monday afternoon and we had a wonderful time together, she is one goergous little girl....and yes I admit I am one proud grandma!!  Her little brother Hueby Dueby (Hugh or Cubie as she calls him) came around with his Mum as he was asleep when I got Andie from her place.  I just love it when Hugh runs in and says "Nanna Nanna"...makes my heart swell with that thing called Nanna love lol!
I have a good friends birthday tomorrow and she and another friend are coming around for lunch, sooo I will have to dust off my rusty cooking skills and make something great for lunch... hmmm search the grey matter for something that is easy, but looks like I spent ages making it!  I love get togethers like this but don't have them too often as usually everyone is at work. So for this friend I am making a birthday card, actually an art journal page card..kinda lol.  Actually you can see it on the desk in the WOYWW photo!
I am so glad that I got the photo only took 4 attempts lol!!

I have been busy this afternoon doing backgrounds using the FANTASTIC Dylusions you get the impression I like them?!  They are great to use and the colours are just sooo delish to you could just lick them off the paper...slight exaggeration there, hehe.  I have used the inks on watercolour paper and copic marker paper and canvas sheets as well as canvas blocks.  It has been very interesting in seeing how the colours take on the different papers. The close up photos and the art journal page above was done on watercolour paper.  I found that it comes out softer and not as bright as when used on normal 110gsm Visual Arts acid free cartridge paper. But I still liked the effect and the texture of the watercolour paper. 
I am still also trying to find my style of art journaling....are some of you feeling the same way??  I get so inspried by all the wonderful art/craft/journal sites that I visit that my mind just boggles with ideas...but there never seems enough hours in the day to do what I want lol!!
Okay it is after 12pm here in Australia, so I had better go and get some beauty sleep.....or just sleep!  Will get up early and do the blog hop for WOYWW 194 and see what the wonderful ladies from around the world have on their desks.
Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Sorting things out....

Hello out there!!  I have had a fairly quiet weekend again, but that is how I like them :-)! I have been trying to organize my craft/painting area and have come to the realisation that I NEED more storage space, and isn't that the truth for all of us in the arts arena lol!
I haven't had the chance to complete another art journal page but have been doing a few backgrounds with the wonderful Dyan Reavely range of Dylusions Inks...JUST LOVE THEM!!! They are just great to use and have such bright colours...sooooo delish, and I can't wait to get the new colours that she has just released as of the 15th of this month, especially the white.
I AM SO ANGRY at the moment as I started this post yesterday and could not upload my saved what I had written and came back to it today...and guess what.. Blogger STILL won't upload my photos...GRRR.  I wish I wasn't so tech challenged lol!!  I used to have three tech heads around to help me when I needed it, but 2 have moved away and the other wants nothing to do with computers anymore, so can't ask him :-(.  Well... I shall Google it!!  Fingers crossed that I will have some photos up later!
What I DON"T believe it I got a photo up....happy dance!!  But I could only get one, at least that is better then none isn't it??  I hope that you all have a fantastic day...and no frusrations lol!
See you soon :-)

Friday, 15 February 2013


YES!!!! I managed to get the photo of my desk up...happy dance being done here lol!
Take care again tomorrow and hopefully I can upload some more photos!

I am back.. and WOYWW 193!!

Hi there!!  I got back home yesterday afternoon from my stay at my cousins.  What a wonderful special time we had and I will treasure it always.  Lots of laughs and tears, but most of all lots of love.
I know that I am a bit late posting this for WOYWW this week but I wanted to still be a part of it!  I hope that your week went well and that a lot of creativity was done!!

I got home to a very tidy house and I was so happy that my eldest daughter looked after the place and fed my cat (actually it is really her cat that stayed with me when she first moved out!) and did such a good job.  I can tell all of you mothers out there that if you have a teenage daughter that makes you want to pull out what hair you have left...that there is light at the end of the tunnel as my eldest daughter is a bright light in my life now lol!!  My youngest wellllll....she is 12 this year, but thinks that she is older and acts like what hair I have left will disappear I am sure, as she goes through the teen years.  I am glad I have grandchildren now and I love watching my son and his wife with them... and think of payback lol!!

While I was at my cousins, I got some art journaling done while she made some wonderful cards..she is so talented and we had a lot of fun doing our things together!
I am getting annoyed with blogger at the moment as it won't let me upload easily...grrr!  I will try again to upload another couple of photos and my desk shot...keep yours fingers crossed lol!
Well I am really sorry but it is refusing to upload.  Hopefully I will be able to do it later and show you my messy desk that has some new stuff on it that I bought while I was away!
Have a great day every one!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Hi there!!  Even though it is Tuesday and nearly 11pm here in Australia, I thought that I would post this a little early as I am going away for a week!  I am off to see my cousin who I adore as she has been quiet ill, so I want to spend some time with her. Good girl time, movies, chocolate etc, you know all the bad stuff lol.
I have been trying to journal every day, even if it is just a few scribbles or brush or in my case finger strokes!  Love getting the inks and paints all over my hands...feels like a badge of honour, and tells the world, I am a creative person!
I have a few backgrounds done and a couple of quotes that I want to use on them.  I will start working on them at my cousins as we plan to have some craft/art time, as she is a very talented card maker and we encourage each other.

This is my creative area!!  And boy do I LOVE it, my own little hidey hole.  I must admit though I would like to have a bigger area, but that maybe a bit greedy don't you think lol.
Wishing you all a great day and have a great time visiting all the other desks on WOYWW!!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Quiet weekend...

What a quiet, but good weekend!  I did Meals on Wheels on Saturday and that always makes me feel good as it is a wonderful service for the elderly and sick that cannot prepare a meal for themselves.  I have been doing this for 6 years and will continue until...whenever, as I hope that when I need a service like that they will still be operating!!
Today I haven't been up to much...the usual housework, washing yuckity yuck, and pulling out the weeds out of my front lawn...yawn lol.  A grand exciting life I lead..ha!!!!
A couple of girlfriends came for a visit this afternoon and brought a bottle of wine....or two!  Well.. by the time they left I was very tiddly lol.  I asked my eldest daughter (24) to get tea for her and my youngest (11) and she laughed at me!! As she has not seen me tiddly for a long time..but she got tea ready for the 2 of them...I wasn't hungry.  What a great daughter I have :-).

I finished another art journal page today and thought that I would share with you all, along with another one that I finished the other day.
Hoping you all had a great day!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Starting Out...

This is all so very new to me...  In other words I am not to sure what the hell I am doing lol!!  I have wanted to start a blog for a while and have envied others in the arts arena that have theirs up and running and looking sooooo good.  Hopefully I will learn many things as I go along this road of blogdom!
 I am very new to art journaling, but having a wonderful time learning and reading blogs and websites of some incredible artists and art journal artists, and watching some wonderful YouTube vids...there is so much out there on the WWW the minds boggles.  But I am loving every minute of this learning curve.
I want somewhere to show some of the work that I have been doing and hopefully showing others that it is never to late  (I am 52....eeeeck) to start and do something that you love and if I can inspire someone to pick up a brush or pen and start to journal...I will be a very happy woman!
 I always said that I would be an old age painter, thinking that I had too much to do to paint when I was younger...what a silly galah I now I wish that I had been painting and journaling years ago!! 
I have found art journaling in particular to be very calming and a great form of art therapy, which of late I have needed, if I had been doing this years ago...who knows I might have been a better wife, mother, friend, all round calmer person lol!!

These are a couple of pages that I have just finished.
I am loving this form of expression as I don't have to stick to any guide lines and can do what I want and how I want....what freedom!! 
Until next time...I hope everyone has a fantabulous day!!