Wednesday, 22 May 2013

WOYWW 207!! How time is flying...scary!!

Welcome fellow bloggers!  I hope that the last week has been very good to you all :-).  I haven't been up to very much this week, working and having a lazy weekend hehehe.  I was hoping to get a lot more painting done on the weekend, but I didn't!  I am playing around now with my new Gelli Plate that I got in the mail this morning...yipeeee!  So by this time next week I will be able to show you something :-).

Okay taaaaa dummmm (think drum roll here lol) to my desk this week....

On my desk is an unfinished 12" x 12" canvas that I have been playing around with, developing ideas for a class in July. I was thinking that with Christmas looming the girls might like to do a work on canvas as a gift.  Got to keep their interest!!  I have been having fun playing with the canvas and have done one for my sister's birthday last week. What else is on the desk are some stamps that I had ordered in from Stampendous! plus the big acrylic stamping block witch is fantastic!!  Also I got some more moulding paste to add texture on the canvas from my local art shop. 

I have a photo below but it wasn't quite finished as I finished it when I got over to the coast and I FORGOT to take a photo of it all completed!!  But you get the idea from the photo as it was nearly finished, just had to put the antenna on the butterfly and a little bit of writing in black just above the flowers.

Now I am going to get my usual big pot of tea to keep me going around all the wonderful blogs that get together over at General Julia Dunnit over at Stampng Ground!  It is great catching up with people that I now feel have become friends.....have a wonderful week everyone :-)!!!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW 206!

Hi everyone!!  I hope that you have had a wonderful couple of weeks.  I didn't blog last week and I am sorry about that, but I felt snowed over with things that are happening in my I just zoned out for awhile :-).

Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground is our wondrous leader in the What's on your work desk Wednesday, and it is wonderful to have the chance to be able to see and connect with people of like mind.

I won't fill this post with to many words as I have a few photos to show you :-).  First is my desk for this week, and then I have a photo of the class that I taught at the local craft shop on the 3rd May.  The girls were great and I just love showing them what they can do.  Ok, here we go.......!

My desk has Dyan's journal book open to where I am having fun playing around with Jane Davenport's Jane Girl series of face stencils.  I love the profile one!

This is the art journal page that I had done for the class.  This is the sample for them to follow but I wanted them to make their own out of it.

We had a lot of fun as you can see!! 

These two pages are just some samples of the girls work.  Aren't they great!!! I am so proud of the work they did and am looking forward to the next class in June.....Hmmmm wonder what we can do then lol!

Have a great week everyone and now I am going to go and get a BIG pot of tea and go around and look at some desks and see what you all have been up to! 

Until next time....take care of you and yours :-).

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Oh Boy I Can't Believe It!! WOYWW 204!!

Hello again my fellow bloggers of WOYWW!!  I hope that you all had a great week :-)!  I am happy to say that my week went well, I now will be working 3 days a week.. yippee, so the money will not be as tight as it has been lol, and I have the most wonderful bosses that have been patient with me on my learning curve.  More money = more art stuff hehehe...

My cousin has just gotten out of hospital and we are hoping to take a cruise if she is up to it soon, around the Pacific Islands for 10 days.  At the moment we are trying to work it all out as we want to do it sooner rather then later for her.  So please cross your fingers that all will go well and we can go on the cruise and my cousin gets to have the most wonderful time that she deserves.

Without further ado here is my desk....!


Well I selected the desk shot and the face stencil ones at the bottom to go first and they all came up!! Lol!  Anyway I had ordered the fantastic face stencils in from my local craft store....Michelle is wonderful to get these as I am going to use them in my art journal class this Friday, as the ladies wanted to know how to do faces and some said that they can't draw and loved my faces.  So I knew that Jane Davenport had a great series of face stencils, so now the girls can do faces and have no fear how they will turn out and they can add their own touches to make it their own.  Win win I thought!  These faces are a series of 4.. a full on face...a 3/4 face....a side profile and an eye stencil, how cool is that and all for A$23!!  Not bad for 4 stencils I thought!

The other pages I loved doing during the week, at least my kids know where to find me these the office painting away...bliss lol.

Ok I am off to see some great desks thanks to the wonderful Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground!  Just got to get my big cup of tea and I am away....!  Take care and until next week, live well and laugh much.  :-)


P.S.  The Jane Davenport Jane girl series you can get here from Artistcellar.