Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Really Did Try to Blog More! WOYWW 198

Hello Everyone!  I know I said I would blog more then once a week...but time has just flown this week lol!  I hope that you all had an amazing week :-).
It is WOYWW again, brought to us by the wonderful Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground .

What a week...Craft Alive last Friday and Saturday and demonstrating for 1.5hrs each day and what fun I had!!  All the ladies that came to the demonstrations seemed to really enjoy themselves and bought a lot of the products.  Also I have quite a few booked into the Art Journaling course that I will be teaching on 5 April..I am blown away with the response and feel blessed.  So hopefully the class will go well and that there will be another one!!

This is my desk and it is in a bit of a mess, but what desk isn't when you are being creative?  My art journaling and painting has kept me sane this week.  I have been looking for work and so far not much luck in that department.  Funds are getting low and I am trying not to feel overwhelmed, but I have wonderful friends that keep my spirits up and journaling has helped a lot.  I feel that this last 6 months have been VERY trying so I am hoping that the next 6 months will be fantastic.....think postive, think postive :-).

On my desk is Dyan Reaveley's art journal and I must say it is wonderful to use!  I can use each side without fear that the inks will bleed through and I LOVE that! I have already got ink and paint all over it lol.  I am hoping that Dyan's latest new inks are in my local craft store by the end of this week and then I will have a little ink party on the weekend and have fireworks on the pages of the journal hehehe.

This is a photo of my samples and the products that I used in the demonstrations at the booth for my local craft shop. The booth was set up beautifully, Michelle the owner of the craft shop did a fantastic job of setting up and I am very pleased to say that she did very well at the show...she deserved it!

Happy blog hopping everyone!  And now I am off to do the same...See you next week :-).



Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hello everyone!!  I know that I am posting a little early but I am looking after the grandchildren all day tomorrow and will be too pooped to posted after that lol.  I hope that you all have had a great week!  I am sorry that I didn't manage to blog for an entire bad..I REALLY have to learn to time manage better lol! 
I have been busy doing some samples for Craft Alive that starts this friday, and boy am I excited and scared at the same time to be demonstrating!

Well here is my desk for this week and at the moment I don't have a work in progress, but I now have the wonderful Dyan Reaveley art journal!!  Michelle at my local craft store got it in for me..what a gem of a lady :-).  I can't wait to start using it, and will use it in my demo's and maybe it will sell a couple hehe. To the left on the easel is a large deep wall canvas for my 1st commission!!  I am looking forward to getting my fingers dirty painting and will show the progress on the blog.  I am refusing to let doubt set in as I KNOW I can do this, but it is a little scary, but something I want to do.


Lol I won't tell you how long it took to get these two photos up!  But I am glad that in the end I succeeded!! These are some of the samples that I have done for Craft Alive.  Now I think I will go and have a stiff cup of tea.... Looking forward to seeing all the other is a bit like seeing family now lol.  Have a great day!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013



Hello WOYWW bloggers!!  Please excuse the second photo as blogger had a minor fit uploading this picture for some reason...I wasn't going back for a third try, so thought that at least you get and idea of what the desk is like now lol!!
I decided to change around my computer/art desk so that the longer part of the L shaped desk became my art area, as the computer does not take up as much room.  It works soooooo much better to spread hehehe, love to spread out!
I have been doing some samples for the Craft Alive show that is coming to town that I mentioned in the previous post and hopefully I can upload a photo of a couple of them to show you. YES..I got the photo up...I will have the happy dance down pat soon :-). I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and I know I am looking forward to seeing some desks thanks to the wonderful Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground   Okay I am off to check out some desks with a big cup of tea next to me lol!  Have a great day!