Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Good Grief is it WOYWW 216??? I have been away tooo long!

Hello Everyone!!  I am sorry that I haven't been up and running so to speak on my blog...grrrr, life has a way of getting in the road and don't you agree that this year is just zipping along at the speed of light??? I don't know if I am Arthur or Martha of late lol.

I had a great week with my cousin, we managed to get out a bit with  her in the wheelchair and me and my bad back.  We were hilarious together, I kept running her into things as I only have my L's driving the wheelchair and I needed the wheelchair to walk as far as we did to hold me up!  We kept laughing that we are two broken down chubby ladies (although we didn't put it quite so delicately as I have done here lol) that needed to help each other to get anywhere!!

I am sad to say that she is in hospital again, and she said that she feels that she is at the pointy end of the stick now, and God love her she was comforting me!!  She is truly one of God's angels.

I have a photo of my VERY messy desk this week and I REALLY do need to do something about it as I am starting to lose things....hmmmm not good!!

The rest of the photos are some art journaling that I have done while at my cousins and a couple of mixed media canvas's that I have done for classes that I am teaching. 

Thanks to the wonderful Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground, I am off to look at some of the great desks that I have missed seeing over the last month....Huge cup of tea next to me and off I go :-)!  Have a great week everyone!!