Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WOYWW 203....How time flies!

Hello everyone!  This week has crept up on me!   I want to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone that visited my blog and left such lovely comments.  I try to get around as many people as I can, but it is hard to get to everybody :-(.  

I had a great visit with my brother and it was hard to see him go.  I have been doing a few art journal pages and of course my desk is NEVER tidy these days hehe.  I get in a painting groove and I don't want to stop for anything and then I get my youngest daughter saying what's for tea Mum......gees Louise, I think,.... I have to stop for life!

Here is my weekly photo of  THE desk lol...

I have finally gotten all of the Dylusions Inks...yippee!!  Beautiful colours and so much fun to play with.  On Monday I had my kids art journal class and there ended up being 13!!!  I thought what have I gotten myself into.....but it was so much fun and they were a great bunch of girls and they want another class next holidays :-).  I am game......I think!  No it will be good and I have the adults class in just over a week and I hope that one goes as well as the first.

I finished these two pages the other day and I have two more on the go! 

I am going to pop over the Julia's at Stamping Ground to check out more desks from around the world and catch up with people that I now consider friends :-).   Ahhh just get my big cuppa ready and off I go!  Have a fantastic day xxx.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Wow is it 202 already!!  My how time flies.  Hello everybody, I hope that this week has been good to you :-).  I have my brother coming to stay for a few days and I am looking forward to seeing him.  He is 14 years younger to me and has always been a special brother.  He now lives and works in Sydney the capital of NSW here in Australia, and I miss him not calling around at least once a week and having tea with me.  I will have to get to Sydney and visit him as he has the most spectacular view from his balcony over looking the harbour.

I started my new job and I think that I am going to love it!!  Whew that is good to know hehe.  It will be a learning curve but one that I am up for!  The car is going well and I can tell you that I never want to be without it, I know that walking is good for you, but hey not all the time!!!

This is my desk this week......

If you look closely you can see a little photo of my late husband on the shelf, my eldest daughter found it when she was looking through some photos that I had packed away and put it there when I was not looking.  What a lovely surprise to see him!  So now he is staying on the shelf and watching over my work.  I still think about him every single day and miss him.  The art journal pages that I am working on sitting on the desk, is me wishing that love could kill cancer and that our loved ones never had to deal with this hideous disease!!



 The bottom page was done a couple of days ago when I was having a Murphy's Law day and my youngest daughter was not listening to I decided to take it out in my journal and felt soooooo much better after doing this  hehehe!!

Thanks to the wonderful Julia over at Stamping Ground that we are able to enjoy visiting other desks all over the world....what a pleasure and honour to join in this wonderful idea and to everyone allowing others to have a peek at what they do...Thank you!! 

Have a great day and  until next time take care :-).  Now off to look at some wonderful desks!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Busy week and WOYWW 201

Hello everyone!  I hope that your week has been full of love and craft/art!  It has been a busy week for me and guess what......I start a new job tomorrow...yipeeee.  It is part time and only for 2 days a week but it is a start and a foot in the door.  I am looking forward to this job as I will be working for people that I have worked along side before and so we know we are not an unknown quantity to each other, which is a good thing sometimes.  What is great too is that I have finally got my car registered, only 10 days after the rego was due....but hey better late then never.  My feet will be grateful lol!!  But I will keep walking to get some fitness that I have seemed to have lost due to sitting on my bum too much doing art journaling and watching TV!

I have also been busy doing some journaling pages and getting ready for the next art journal class.  The first one was a great success, the ladies that came were wonderful and a pleasure to teach and we had lots of laughs.  I am really looking forward to the next class in 3 weeks.  Some of the ladies want to use an art journal and do a page a month, and I said that sounds great and we can do that!  I am game!!  I just love showing people what they can do and see the 'Oh wow did I do that' look on their faces.  What a joy!

This is my VERY messy desk this week, haha but I do love the mess!  The Dyan Reaveley's art journal is starting to get plenty of use now as I love the fact that nothing is getting through the pages!  But I still go back to my visual art diary when I just want to muck around lol! 

 OMG what has happened with Blogger????  I got these photos up lickerty split!!!!  Screaming and doing the happy dance.....  I can now say..I love you Blogger lol!!

The first art journal page I decided to try and do a Tracy Bautista face with my own twist on it.  The second page I did with various The Crafters Workshop stencils to show the ladies in my class what they can do with them.

Ok off to add my name to the wonderful Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground list for WOYWW!  Looking forward to catching up with all the wonderful friends that I have been following.  Tick, big cup of tea next to me, and tick comfy chair to sit in while I blog hop!

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hello everyone!!  I am back lol! 

Sorry that I missed last week.  I had my cousin with me for nearly a week and we had great fun together.  I would not have missed that time with her for the world.  My cousin is battling cancer and now they have found a tumour in her head as well...the only good thing about that is it is slow growing.  Oh how I wish they would find a cure.  I lost my beautiful husband to a malignant brain tumour and to see such a beautiful lady struggle with this inhumane disease is just so heartbreaking....  Both my husband and cousin handled/ handling this horrible disease with just such great dignity and are an inspiration to others.

I have been doing some art journaling, it is such a great release and a great way to show how you feel when you can't put something into words.   I have my first class teaching art journaling on Friday and I am really looking forward to it...hopefully it will become a regular class at the craft shop to I get all my stuff from...fingers crossed!!

I hope that you all had a great week and lots of crafting to your hearts content hehehe.  I never seem to get enough time to do all I want and that little thing called life keeps getting in the way lol!  Anyway here is my desk for this week....always messy these days!

I have stuff all over the place lol!  Oh what fun I was having.  I just love my heat gun and how I now have all my favourite paints and inks at my finger tips.  The gold paint tub just in front of the journal was on clearance at Spotlight and was only $4!!  Had to have that and it is the most beautiful gold and good for dripping!!


These are a few of the journals that I have done over the last, fun, fun!!  I hope that you all have a great day and enjoy the blog hopping for WOYWW thanks to the wonderful Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground ... Wow I think I did that link right....oh I am learning more, maybe I will become more techy after all hehehe!  Now for a cuppa and go hopping, to enjoy the views of others!